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APPLE Says It's Good: What's So Great about USB Type-C?

Sep. 25, 2021

When it comes to the USB Type-C interface (hereinafter referred to as USB-C), the first thing that comes to mind is that the USB-C interface can be plugged in forwards and backwards, making it very comfortable to use. Those who know more may also support that USB-C interfaces are faster, reaching 5Gbps or 10Gbps, while others may know that USB-C has a power supply capacity of 100W.

The USB-C interface can indeed do all this, but the USB-C interface itself only defines a completely new physical structure, whether it is USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 or the current USB 2.0, they can all be USB-C interfaces.

USB is a universal serial bus interface, the word universal does do, currently we use the most peripherals belong to the USB devices most convenient, but with the USB interface updates, in order to meet different market applications, the USB interface has also derived Type-A, Type-B interface, these two interfaces and standard, Mirco (hard drive dock many are micro-B These two interfaces are also sub-categorised as standard, Mirco (many hard drive docks are micro-B) and mini (most used in smartphones and tablets). The increasing number of interface-derived versions is no longer convenient. Let's follow AIKE ELECTRONIC and see the benefits of the type c interface.

USB Type C 3.1 Plug ,24PIN, Double Row Contacts, splint PCB ,Stretching shell Type

Positive and negative pluggable

100% of users of USB interfaces have experienced the situation where "the front side doesn't fit, the back side doesn't fit, and the front side fits again". I think this alone is enough to replace other USB ports, as USB-C can be plugged in both front and back, or to put it professionally, the port is not directional.

Stronger power supply

Although the 100W USB power supply is not the same thing as the USB-C interface, the power supply capacity of the USB-C interface is also really enhanced, we know that the power supply current of USB 2.0 is 0.5A, USB 3.0 reaches 0.9A, the current of the USB-C interface has not only 1.5A but also 3A optional (standard cable), the interface can actually carry a current of 5A This is already higher than many QC 2.0 fast chargers.

Type c can transfer video

The USB-C interface was born a favourite, and not only is it the most popular of its brethren, but other industries have also seen the potential of the USB-C interface and have given it the ability to extend its functionality by making media.

The USB-C port used in Apple's NMB notebooks now also has DP output capability, supporting native DP 1.2 output and, via an adapter, VGA and HDMI output.

All in all, the USB-C interface is the big trend, and it's not just for smartphones. PCs, laptops, tablets and IoT devices are all likely to be fully upgraded to USB-C, but that's for later. No matter how well they blow it up, upgrading to USB-C now will only be more symbolic than practical. If you want to buy USB connectors or cables, and also HDMI products, please call us now.

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