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What Should I Do If The Computer USB Interface Does Not Respond? !

Sep. 23, 2020

USB is an external bus standard used to regulate the connection and communication between computers and external devices. USB interface plug and play and hot plug function. USB interface can connect 127 kinds of peripherals, such as mouse and keyboard. But what should I do when the computer's USB interface does not respond? Let's follow the Computer USB Connectors Supplier to see the solution.

The front USB port of the computer case is not available

Many people’s computers cannot use the front USB interface of the host. The front USB interface of the host is connected to the corresponding port of the motherboard through a data cable. If the connection is loose or there is a problem with the middle data cable, then the front USB interface of the host It cannot be used.

The USB interface at the back of the host is on the motherboard. We can try whether the USB Interface at the back can be used. If it can be used, it means there is a problem with the front USB interface.

USB service is disabled in the system

If this service has not been set up, this will not happen. But there are also special circumstances, that is, many people have installed some optimized antivirus software on their computers. When using these software, the USB service can be disabled. At this time, we only need to unblock the USB service.

Open the antivirus software installed on the computer and check whether the System Plug and Play Service is disabled. If it is disabled, the Computer USB Connectors on the computer may not be used. At this time, we can open the System Plug and Play Service. Turn on optimization service, and then lift the ban on system plug and play service.

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USB Interface

USB function is disabled in BIOS settings

In the BIOS settings of the computer motherboard, there is an item that sets the USB switch. The default value of this option is turned on, but if we are not careful or the BIOS settings are wrong, the USB interface may also be disabled. We can check Whether USB is disabled in BIOS settings.

Restart the computer, press and hold the DEL keyboard on the keyboard, then you will enter the BIOS settings, find the USB settings item in the interface, and then check whether it is disabled. Since the BIOS settings are all in English, you can directly check them online.

The USB interface is damaged or the motherboard is faulty

The USB interface is mainly on the motherboard of the computer. If there is a problem with the USB interface on the motherboard, or the motherboard fails, the USB interface cannot be used. If it is really a motherboard problem, then we only need to repair or replace the motherboard to solve the problem that the USB interface cannot be used.

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