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Four Future Trends of USB Connector Products

Nov. 18, 2021

With the increasingly obvious trend of product intelligence, usb connector products show four trends.

From standard products to customization

Traditional usb connectors are passive products, manufacturers to provide standardized products to customers can, with the diversification of electronic products and more and more intelligent products emerge such as robots, drones, etc., manufacturers need more customized usb connector products to adapt to product needs, usb connector products manufacturers need to develop new products together with customers to meet the needs of customers to read the shape and function, so usb connector manufacturers to participate early in the design of customers.

From a single signal to multiple signals

Traditional usb connectors only transmit a single signal, such as video, control or data signals, as electronic products are increasingly thin and light, usb connectors from a single signal transmission into a variety of signal transmission, the same cable can simultaneously transmit optical, electrical or other signals, which also helps to save space to enhance system reliability.

High Speed USB 3.0 AF

High Speed USB 3.0 AF

Towards modular intelligence

Traditional usb connector manufacturers in order to obtain more profits, usb connectors from a passive product into a modular product, for example, in the server cable providers will usb connectors become intelligent, by adding an active IC to a single cable into an intelligent cable can monitor data.

Miniaturization of thin

Now electronic products are increasingly thin and light, but also to promote even the machine products, connector products to small size, low height, narrow pitch, multi-function, long life, surface mounting and other directions. So usb connector manufacturers to adapt to these changes to improve the process and design.

USB connector fixed instability such as handling, due to poor fixation or slight shaking, etc. can cause usb connector power failure, more serious will also cause the connection to break, the product disintegration. You should look for as tight a connection as possible when choosing, the design meets the requirements, the process is relatively mature products.

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