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Four-in-one USB Cables that Connect Them All

Mar. 30, 2022

Oh, what a tangled web of wires we are faced with when we open most executive bags these days. This is not surprising when you consider the number of gadgets that most of us carry. There are cell phones, laptops, headphones, tablets, e-book readers, mobile power and many other devices that many of us carry around with us. Of course, as the number of devices increases, so does the number of cables and cords, as almost every device has its own special connection cable, which is often incompatible with other devices. For example, you can't use an iPhone cable to charge an Android phone, and vice versa.


There are other complications - some cables can be used to charge a device, but not to transfer data from one device to another. Even when it comes to charging, some cables don't handle faster charging speeds well. All of this leads to a clutter of wires in our bags. Now you not only need to find space for all your gadgets, you also need to provide wires for them and allow time to untangle them.

Single cable solution

Cables and power cords with different charging and data ports on both sides are intended to solve this mess. But many tend to be poorly designed (some magnetic port attachments can fall off or get lost) and, worse, are often unsafe. You really can't risk using cables that connect valuable devices to a power source.

USB3.1 Type C

USB3.1 Type C (USB-C) Male to Male Data Sync Charging Cable

The 4-in-1 cable is one of the few cable solutions that actually worked in these days of wire madness. It's a one-meter long nylon braided fabric cable that seems strong enough and doesn't get tangled. It's indestructible and flexible, with no creases where the cable bends and no kinks when it ties itself up and leaves. The cable itself comes with a handy strap to tie it up neatly, and we wish other gadget cables could do the same. You can easily tie it up and even carry it in your pocket if you wish.

Each end of the cable has two USB Type-C connectors that plug into the ports of any device. Each of these USB Type-C connectors has another port connector attached to it. So you can change each connector to the other - one has the lightning connector connected and the other has the USB Type-A connector connected. If you want to connect the cable to a device with a lightning port (such as an iPhone), you can simply install the lightning connector on top of the USB-C port.

If you need to connect to a USB Type-A port, simply place the USB-A connector on top of the Type C connector it is attached to. The connectors fit snugly, eliminating the need to carry a port conversion dongle and adapter. The area near the connector and its attachments is reinforced with tough-looking plastic, so the likelihood of breakage in that area (as often happens with many cables) is low. This is a very rugged product.

USB-A connector

iPhone, Android, Laptop, Tablet

The four connectors - two USB Type-C, one Lightning, and one USB Type-A - mean that this cable can be used with a variety of devices. The cable can be used not only as a charging cable, but also as a data transfer cable. You can use it to connect your phone to a power brick or use it to connect your phone to a computer to transfer images or other files.

Using the cable is as easy as plug-and-play - there is no setup involved. All devices recognize the cable immediately, as they all require a micro USB port. It also can't handle smartwatches and fitness bands that have their own special chargers. Some may also find its 1 meter length insufficient, especially in the case of laptops, but we had no problem with that. Perhaps the brand could opt for a longer length.

If you need to buy connectors and cables, please contact us today. You can buy the materials and make a four-in-one yourself.


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