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All Said, what Is So Good About The USB Type-C Interface?

With the development of smart phones up to now, it has been difficult to make breakthroughs whether it is the size of the phone screen or the processor. So many manufacturers began to seek other changes, one of the major changes is the interface change, more and more manufacturers began to choose to use the USB Type-C interface.

So what is sacred of USB-C? In fact, it is a kind of data interface, which is similar to the mobile phone charger interface we use now, except that it has a brand new interface size. Moreover, USB-C is not a new USB standard, it is only one of the current USB 3.1 high-speed data transmission, rather than the only high-speed data transmission interface.

One of the advantages of USB-C interface: positive and negative plug

For the USB interface, you must have encountered the situation of the front is not plugged correctly, the back is not plugged correctly, and the front is plugged again.This will not only waste a lot of unnecessary time but also affect the user's mood.

Another point worth complaining is that many brands of mobile phones will make the USB interface look the same up and down, which makes it even harder to distinguish the face. But the USB-C interface has no directionality. To put it bluntly, it can be plugged in both front and back, and it can withstand 10,000 repeated plugs and unplugs. It can be used with confidence and is much more comfortable to use.

USB 3.1

USB 3.1

The second advantage of USB-C interface: stronger power supply

The USB-C interface has stronger power supply capacity. The standard specification cable equipped with USB-C can pass 3A current and can provide up to 100W of power. This can greatly reduce the charging time.

In addition, the USB-C interface also supports two-way power supply, which means you can also use it as a charger to output current. For example, not only can you use your laptop to charge mobile devices, you can also use other mobile devices to charge your laptop.

The third advantage of USB-C interface: faster

Theoretically, the maximum transfer rate of the USB-C port is 10Gb per second (the theoretical maximum transfer rate of USB 2.0 is 60MB per second). Although the current transfer rate of the USB-C port of Apple's new MacBook is 5Gbps per second, it is not known how many times faster than USB 2.0.

The fourth advantage of USB-C interface: can transmit video

The USB-C interface has strong expandability and can be expanded to a variety of audio and video output interfaces, such as HDMI, VGA, and DVI interfaces, and can even achieve extended transmission up to 4K resolution.

The fifth advantage of USB-C interface: ultra-thin

Different from the traditional USB interface that is common in life, the new USB-C interface is slim in size, only 8.3*2.5mm, which is more suitable for use in increasingly miniaturized electronic products and equipment

Of course, since the USB-C interface is currently a new type of interface, there will still be some problems with device compatibility. The upgrading of interface standards always requires a process. However, before the interface becomes popular, you still need to use various conversion devices for interface conversion to be able to use it smoothly.

Although USB-C has just appeared, it is foreseeable that as the technology matures, various notebooks, tablet computers and smart phones in the future will begin to popularize the USB-C interface.

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