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How to Choose the Best HDMI Cable

Mar. 09, 2022

When you're looking to buy a new cable, there are seemingly endless variations to choose from. Choosing the best HDMI cable can seem impossible. There are different colors, lengths, materials, gauges, and prices. It can make your head spin.

Fortunately, it's not too tricky as long as you focus on what's important. Consider the following points to find the best HDMI cable for you.


Today, most people only need Category 2 high-speed HDMI cables. This will ensure that the cable is certified to carry data up to 4K resolution and all current audio formats. If you want to run the highest rate at 8K, you may need a SuperSpeed HDMI cable.



Most cables come with a standard protective PVC plastic housing and shield to prevent signal interference. Some brands will come with a nylon braid to make the cable more flexible and easier to move around in tight spaces. Otherwise, it just makes it look good. For most people, it doesn't matter either way, but a more flexible, smaller cable may simplify installation.


Very important. Please take a few seconds to consider where the cable needs to be laid and how far it needs to be laid. As a rule of thumb, the shorter the better - because really long wires can negatively affect the signal. If your cable is too long, it may be difficult to lay it in tight areas.



You can spend money on expensive ones if you want. However, it will not perform any better than a quality budget cable. AIKE's range of cables may be sufficient. As a well-known manufacturer, we offer high quality cables, as well as great prices.


There are only 3 official specifications for HDMI cable speeds.

Category 1: Standard Speed - tested up to 2.2 Gb/s 

Category 2: High Speed - tested up to 10.2 Gb/sec

Category 3: Super Speed - tested up to 48 Gb/s

Category 1 and Category 2 have two different types of cables - a normal cable and an "Ethernet with Ethernet" cable. Category 3 HDMI cables include standard Ethernet wiring.



It's up to you - it doesn't affect the sound and image too much! Some people will choose a discreet color that can be easily disguised in their equipment. Most people will just get a black one!

Visit AIKE website to find more cables and connectors, contact us today to get the quote!

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