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How to Maintain the Data Cable and Prevent It from Breaking

As far as cell phones on the market today, the Meganen cell phones generally have three types of data cable interfaces, the first is the data cable interface for smartphones such as Android phones, which are able to be used universally between various cell phones. The other two are the iPhone developed by Apple to use the data cable interface, since the iPhone 5, Apple's cell phone data cable interface has been reduced, we call it lightning.

Cell phone cable interface is mainly responsible for the phone data connection, so that you can communicate with the computer data, in addition, charging can not be done without the mutual adaptation of the cable and interface.

After the introduction of the function of the data cable interface, AIKE to introduce how to avoid the phone data cable interface broken method.

1. Use a protective device

Here the protection device is actually very simple, we just need to find a cut similar to the size of the data line gel line, and then cut it down, about 4-5 cm, and then the data line into this gel line, so that it is close to the lower end of the data line interface and the part of the line connection. Or you can use a small section of spring to wrap around the end of the cable.

Note that when unplugging, press on the head of the cable instead of pulling it out directly. If you pull violently, the inside of the cable can easily break, thus reducing its service life. Folding or bending the connection cable near the plug will also reduce its service life.

2. Try to use the original charger

The original charger is actually manufactured according to certain standards, it produces current and voltage will not cause harm to the data cable interface, but sometimes we can not wait for the case will use other high-powered chargers to charge the phone, which will cause the interface to be overloaded, and to a certain extent will cause damage to the data cable interface. The same is true of the computer connector, you can not use a mismatched interface.

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3. Proper charging time

Some people tend to have a habit when charging the phone, even though the battery is full charged, they do not pull the cable down, and this is actually a certain harm to the phone, especially to the interface. Therefore, we should not pick up the phone and data line for charging unless the phone is really in a low battery. In addition, do not overcharge it.

4. Storage environment

You can not put the cable in a dusty, humid place. This can easily lead to oxidation of the connection cable, resulting in poor contact. The data cable plug should also avoid contact with liquids and is strictly prohibited when wet. Remember to regularly clean the dust and foreign objects in the female chassis of the phone or tablet and other devices.

Cable cords have become an indispensable item in life. Keep these tips in mind and you will be able to extend the use of cables and save resources. If you need to buy connectors or data cables, please send us a message, aike will sincerely serve you.

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