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How To Use The Mobile Phone Charger And Data Cable Correctly?

May. 20, 2020

The charging problem that most users react to is that the charger and the data cable are easily damaged, and often one or other problems will occur after buying it. But most of these problems stem from improper use of the charger and data cable. Let's follow the Professional Connector Manufacturer to see how to use the mobile phone charger and data cable correctly.

1. If the charging head is not right, the charging speed of the mobile phone will not keep up, or even not charging, and the serious impact on the mobile phone will be caused by the inconsistency of the current. In order to charge mobile phones fast, the charging head must be aligned first, the greater the output current, the faster the charging speed.

2. The data cable is too messy. Most users tend not to place their own data cable after using it. The charger and the data cable will be placed freely after the phone is fully charged. Such a method of operation must be very dirty or Too messy causes damage to the data cable. The other is when the charger is still connected to the terminal board when it is not charging, although the charger is not connected to the mobile phone or electrical appliance at this time, the circuit board inside the charger is powered on, that is, it is still Still in "working state". "Under the working state, it will definitely consume some power. Because even if the charger is not connected to the mobile phone, its control circuit is still working, and there will still be current passing through, which is likely to cause hidden dangers in personal safety.

Be sure to plug the charger in a ventilated and heat-dissipating place to charge it. At the same time, you must master the use time of the mobile phone charger. When people leave the room for a long time, unplug the charger to avoid fire. At the same time, we must choose a good quality charger. During frequent use of mobile phone charging sockets, the magnetic induction intensity within 30 cm around it will reach 1400 milligauss, and the number of immune function cells in the human body may be reduced, which will cause certain damage to human health. Under these circumstances, it is recommended that you unplug the charger device after charging, and protect the mobile phone charging device while protecting your personal safety.

Flagship USB 3.0 AF

Flagship USB 3.0 AF

3.The charging temperature is not suitable for charging the mobile phone. The temperature environment should not be too high, too high temperature will make the mobile phone battery hot.

4. It is necessary to clean the mobile phone regularly with dust on the charging port. If the dust plugs the charging port, it will affect the charging speed, and it may make the mobile phone unable to charge. If you are too lazy to clean, it is best to bring a dust plug.

5. The charging head and the data cable can be freely matched with the mobile phone that has just been bought, and the charging plug and the charging cable can not be found. It doesn't matter, the interface is the same anyway, just find a charging head and data cable to use. Is this really the case? Have you paid attention to the output current on the plug? Although the voltage is 5V, but the output is 0.45A, 0.6A, 0.65A, 0.8A, 1.0A up to 2A various models, the smaller the charger output current, the slower the charging speed. Don't think that all USB data cables are the same, they support different currents. Therefore, the charging head and the data cable must not be mixed randomly.

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