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Requirements for Testing the Row of Pins and Females

What are the requirements for testing the row of pins and females? Manufacturers need to carefully test the row of pins during the manufacturing process of USB connectors to make sure they can work properly. aike introduces its testing standards for you.

1、Sine vibration

No damage in appearance, no loosening or shifting, no abnormalities in plugging and unplugging. 

2、No electrical interruption of more than 1US

After the connector is installed and wired according to the specification, the following conditions are applied; 

Frequency: 10Hz~55Hz 

Amplitude: 0.75mm peak

Time: 10Hz~55Hz/5min, 55Hz~10Hz/5min 

Cycle number: 3 cycles / pumping (30min) 

Pumping direction: 3 pumping total Connector end cable length 200mm without support fixed

Impact: no damage to the appearance, no loosening, displacement, plugging and unplugging without abnormalities. 

3, plugging and unplugging no abnormalities

Plugging and unplugging according to the specifications, the cycle rate ≤ 300 times / hour.


SINK PCB board Type USB Type C 3.1

Connector selection requirements

Electrical requirements

In the selection of row of pin and row of female connectors, to consider the electrical requirements of the product. In addition, we also need to consider some other electrical conditions: resistance, the amount of resistance change allowed, millivolt drop, the maximum current value, the maximum voltage value, inrush current value, characteristic impedance, plugging loss and EMI masking efficiency.

Environmental requirements

Temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions are determined by the location of the connector, so the location and the expected environment should be considered. And other relevant storage conditions of the applicable period and what is the information. Connector suppliers say that around the convergent continuous current induced by the row of pin and female connectors is the area where the highest temperature is generated.

Mechanical performance requirements

For the connector, what volume and coverage area (footprint) is effective; what is the allowable dimensional tolerance; what is the insertion and ejection force of the terminal; how durable the connector (frequency of plugging and mating)? These factors are all to be considered when selecting electrical connectors.


Connector suppliers may use approximately 25 test facilities (specifications developed) as a source for all or part of their connector test specifications. Consideration must be given to using the appropriate test specification for a given application, which includes internationally common situations.

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