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Some Necessary Precautions To Be Aware Of When Using A Mobile Phone Data Cable

I'm not afraid that my phone has no internet, I'm afraid that my phone has no power. In addition to mobile phones, the data cable also wants to stay away for 24 hours. It is even more terrible to forget to bring the data cable when you go out. The data cable is used by us every day, just because it is a consumable, so we should pay attention to some bad habits when using it. It is easy to break if it is not standardized. Do you know what we should pay attention to when using the data cable? Today, Connector Supplier China will popularize some necessary precautions for everyone to use when using mobile phone data cables.

1. Prevent excessive folding and bending.

When we usually don’t use the data cable, we have to store it and store it in the proper place, so that we can find it better when we use it later, but we should be careful not to fold and bend the data cable excessively. Natural placement is the best choice.

Although it occupies a relatively large space, it does not affect the appearance because the basic material of the data cable is composed of plastic and aluminum foil shielding layer. Folding and bending for a long time will cause the external plastic layer and aluminum foil layer of the data cable to be affected. damage. Therefore, the service life of the data cable will be shortened.

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2. Prevent excessive pulling and pulling.

When using a High-Speed Data Charging Cable, remember not to pull and pull excessively. When unplugging the connection cable from the adapter, computer, or mobile phone, pinch the connector to the left and right and pull it back slightly. Do not directly pull on the cable body to prevent the cable itself from being damaged by pulling.

3. Keep the ports of the data cable protected against moisture and dust.

The data cable must also be protected against moisture and dust when not in use. Do not place it in a humid or dusty place, because the port of the data cable is a metal structure, which is susceptible to oxidation by water and dust. Improper maintenance will cause water and dust to enter the port, which will cause the data cable to short circuit or fail to work properly.

4. avoid the data line close to strong heat sources.

The data cable should be careful not to be close to strong heat sources, because the skin of some data lines is made of plastic material. If it is close to strong heat sources, it will cause thermal expansion and contraction. For a long time, high temperature stimulation will easily lead to wire damage, skin breakage, and aging fracture. Therefore, we usually have a good usage habit when using the data cable, which can increase the service life of our data cable.


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