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The Impact of Different Environments on USB Connectors

Oct. 29, 2021

There are many variables to consider when selecting a USB connector, of which environmental parameters are just one of the most important, this includes temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure etc. The use of USB adapters in different environmental issues is varied and the following will certainly give you some advice on the use in extreme environments.


High temperature environment

The steelwork and insulation of the USB connector determine the temperature level of the connector's workplace. Heat can damage the edges of the material, create insulation resistance and also reduce voltage efficiency; for steel, high temperatures can cause the contact to lose elasticity and accelerate oxidation and delamination degradation. The normal ambient temperature level is -40 to 80°C, special occasions may require more.

 Receptable 24PIN Type C 3.1

Receptable 24PIN Type C 3.1

Humid environment

Humidity in excess of 80% in hobbyists is one of the causes of electrical failure. The absorption of water vapour triggered by a humid environment as well as the diffusion on the surface of the insulator tends to reduce the resistance of the insulator to a level below MΩ. Continued use in a high humidity environment will certainly result in physical deformation, disintegration, dislodging of items, poor breathing as well as electrolysis, rusting as well as cracking. The USB interface outside the device, in particular, is generally considered to be a sealed interface in this case, given the humidity, water infiltration and contamination of the ecological environment.


Temperature emergency setting

The humidity check mimics the use of a USB port in a cold atmosphere directly into a warm environment in real use, or mimics rapid changes in the ambient temperature level of a spacecraft or detector. Rapid adjustment of temperature levels may cause splitting or delamination of the insulation product.


Thin air environments

At high altitudes where the air is thin, the gas produced by the plastic can infect the caller and also increase the tendency for corona generation, lowering the voltage resistance and also triggering short circuit errors in the circuit. At high altitudes, the efficiency of plastics diminishes when a certain value is reached. Therefore, when using non-sealed adapters at high altitudes, they should be used at a reduced rate.

 HDMI connector 19PIN Side Vertical DIP TypeG

HDMI connector 19PIN Side Vertical DIP Type

Corrosive environments

Depending on the various corrosive environments utilised by USB ports, the corresponding metal, plastic, plated frame connectors, such as those used in salt spray environments, will certainly wear out their performance quickly if they do not have a corrosion resistant metal surface. In environments consisting of fairly high concentrations of sulphur dioxide, silver-plated contact sleeve connectors should not be used. Mould is also a significant problem in hot and humid areas.

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