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Four Major Improvements Of USB Interface 3.1

Aug. 29, 2020


Let your phone charge faster



As the power supply standard is increased to 20V/5A, 100W power, the USB Interface 3.1 can greatly increase the charging speed of the device, and at the same time can provide power for higher-power devices such as notebooks, projectors and even TVs. This is why Apple's new MacBook Only need a built-in USB Type C to meet the power supply and transmission requirements.



Higher data transmission speed



Since the USB interface 3.1 supports a transmission rate of up to 10Gbps, it will greatly increase the transmission speed of mobile phones, which is a qualitative leap from the past USB3.0. This is very beneficial to the development of mobile phones. For example, more and more mobile phones begin to support 4K video shooting, and video files are larger, and faster data transmission speeds are necessary.

USB3.1 Tape C

USB3.1 Type C


Support display output



HDMI is an interface standard commonly used in TV and display products. Although there is a miniature version, few mobile phones are specifically equipped with this interface, because this will lead to an increase in cost and volume. Since the USB interface 3.1 supports display output, it is more suitable as an output interface for mobile devices, especially the reversible Type-C.






Obviously, a universal interface is required by small devices such as mobile phones and tablets, and can greatly improve the connectivity of the devices. Type-C in USB interface 3.1 is most likely to become the future connection standard, providing integrated connection solutions such as data transmission, peripheral connection, and display output.


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