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USB Type C Becomes a New Growth Driver For The Connector Industry

Oct. 14, 2020

As the growth of mainstream electronic products such as smartphones and tablet computers is slowing down, and the NB and PC industries are facing recession concerns, the market has begun to look for business opportunities for the introduction of new specifications in the shipments of existing electronic consumer products.

As for the new specifications of electronic products in 2016, the new generation of USB interface specifications update includes: Type C, USB3.1 and USB-PD2.0 three functional areas.

The new specification led by USB-IF has gradually become the mainstream specification of electronic terminal product connectors under the situation of many users. For example, the main interface of Android mobile phones is currently in the form of USBMircoB.

In order to allow users to have better convenience, USB-TypeC is a new appearance specification designed for the appearance of mobile device connectors. The design concept is mainly to realize the function of allowing users to connect both front and back, and the size is also It has a smaller interface than the current MircoB, and can be equipped with functions such as USB3.1 or USB-PD2.0 according to the different functional requirements of the manufacturers.

TypeC Connectors

TypeC Connectors

The transmission speed of the new-generation USB 3.1 specification is much higher than that of the current USB3.0, and the transmission rate reaches 10Gbps, which is doubled. After the popularization of high-resolution 4K specification movies, USB3.1 will become an indispensable important specification. The design of USB PD2.0 is mainly to increase the power transmission specification. After the USB interface starts to provide the charging function, the power transmission capacity is continuously improved.

For example, USB2.0 can provide 2.5W of power, USB3.0 is further increased to 4.5W, and the latest USBPD2.0 specification, the long-term goal is to increase to 100W of power transmission energy, which will expand the power supply products to NB , PC, Monitor and other high power consumption electronic products.

From an industrial perspective, major international manufacturers including Intel, Apple, and Google have all begun to import TypeC interfaces. Samsung is expected to also introduce TypeC Connectors in flagship phones next year. Intel has fully supported USB3 on the new Skylake platform. 1 and TypeC functions, the latest NB-Macbook released by Apple in 2015 has also introduced TypeC specifications, and it is expected that the new NB and PC products launched in 2016 will also successively introduce TypeC specifications.

The connector industry will bring a new wave of growth momentum under the replacement tide of TypeC interface, especially when the TypeC connector with USB3.1 has a high barrier to production difficulty, connector manufacturers with leading technology are expected to be the first to benefit.

In addition to the connector industry, chip companies that have invested in related chip designs for TypeC, USB3.1 and PD-2.0 are also expected to continue mass production and shipment in 2016. This replacement trend will begin to grow in 2016 and become a long-term one. Industry growth trend.

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