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Do You Know These Advantages of The USB Type-C Interface?

Sep. 11, 2020

When it comes to device interfaces, ordinary USB and USB Type-C are familiar to everyone. In recent years, many smart phones and laptops have begun to adopt USB-C interfaces, and monitors are no exception. USB-C interfaces have become more and more common in our lives. Its diversified functions have gradually replaced the traditional MicroUSB. Mainstream interface. So, what are the advantages of the USB-C interface?

Rich expansibility, strong power supply capacity

The USB-C interface has more efficient transmission capacity, richer expandability and stronger power supply capacity. It supports USB 3.1 high-speed data connection, which can carry out audio and video data transmission and Gigabit Ethernet connection, which is convenient, efficient, and expandable. Endless possibilities. In the case of supporting the PD protocol, the power supply capacity can reach up to 20V/5A, which is 100W, which can not only meet the charging requirements of mobile phones, but also meet the charging requirements of portable tablets and notebooks, and the charging and transmission speed is fast, which effectively improves charging power.

USB 3.0

USB 3.0

Multi-line integration to simplify desktop space

Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer laptop computer interfaces. For example, Mac Book, Surface Go and a monitor have to drag a bunch of adapters, which is very cumbersome. The host display cable, monitor power cord, host power cord and other cables are wound around Together, the office desk looked messed up. With the USB-C interface, it is possible to connect the monitor and the notebook with only one USB Type-C cable, and realize the three-wire integration of power cable, data cable, and video signal cable. The connection becomes simpler and more flexible, and the desktop is neat and beautiful.

Support positive and negative plug, connection is more convenient

The USB-C interface design is slim, the size is only one-third of the USB 3.0 port, and it supports the positive and negative plug function. We can use it without considering the direction of the plug, even in a bad light environment. There is no need to entangle its direction like the Micro USB jack, which solves the problem of USB is always inaccurate and can improve the connection efficiency

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