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What Are the Types of D-Sub Connectors

Jun. 27, 2022

D-sub is one of the most popular electronic connectors in the world, with a variety of types, sizes and applications. It is an electrical connector with a wide range of applications. The names of these compact connectors come from their unique D-shaped shielding layer.

D-sub is the name of a series of connectors, which are made up of Combi D-Sub connectors, dual-port D-Sub connectors, filter D-Sub connectors, and high-density D-Sub connectors. This blog will explain the standard D-Sub connector and D-Sub cover in more detail.


Combi D-Sub connector

The Combi D-Sub connector is a hybrid connector with different connector styles within the D-Sub shell. This enables designers to mix different contacts in a single D-Sub, whether signal, high current, high voltage, coaxial or pneumatic.
The end connection can be a welding needle, a press fit, or a welding cup. The power contacts can be 10A, 20A, 30A or 40A and can require sealing up to IP68.

What Are the Types of D-Sub Connectors

Dual port D-Sub connector

Dual-port D-Sub connectors are designed for applications that require multiple connector ports and have limited "PCB" space by stacking two 90 °D-Sub connectors, one on top of the other. The dual-port D-Sub has a variety of designs and components with a contact number ranging from 9 to 37.


Filter D-Sub connector

Filter D-Sub connector has very good filtering quality and can prevent electromagnetic interference. These disturbances may be caused by lightning, solar magnetic storms, radio signals, mobile phones, electronic motors, computers, medical equipment and power cords.
Standard D-Sub connectors are high quality and rugged connectors designed for the most demanding applications. They provide different assembly components for installation, such as crimping assembly, crimping assembly, cup assembly or 90 °angle pins.

What Are the Types of D-Sub Connectors

High density D-Sub connector

High-density D-Sub connectors are designed for applications that require optimal contact density. Due to the high density of 15, 26, 44, 62 and 78 contacts, this series is ideal for the most modern applications. A very common high-density connector is the Video Graphics Array (VGA) connector, which is a 3-line 15-pin connector used in computers. The D-Sub guard provides the best protection for connectors to prevent damage.



Because D-Sub can be manufactured in a variety of forms, environmentally sealed and locked, and has EMI filtering capabilities, D-Sub is used in aerospace, military, industrial, transportation, medical and many other industries. They are commonly used in critical applications such as helicopters, fighter jets, high-speed railways, patient monitors, ultrasound and MRI imaging.

What Are the Types of D-Sub Connectors

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