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What Is A RJ 45 Connector and How Do We Use It?

Oct. 13, 2021

Wired Ethernet connectivity is still common in businesses that need to improve the speed and security of their wired network connections. In many cases it is a valuable option. RJ45 Jack connector is commonly known as crystal head. RJ-45 is a network interface specification, and here AIKE introduces some specifications and details to you.


The eight-pin RJ45 connector is a standardised interface commonly used to connect computers to a local area network (LAN). This type of connector was originally developed for telephone communications, but is now used for a range of applications. The abbreviation RJ45 stands for Registered Jack-45. the registered jack specifications relate to the wiring pattern of the jacks, not their physical characteristics. The term RJ45 also refers to a range of connectors used for Ethernet jacks.

Although Ethernet cables have gone through several generations of speed increases, the RJ45 connectors that appear at the end of the cable have not changed. Whether you use Category 3 to Category 6 cables, the connector is an RJ45.

Each end of the Ethernet cable has small plastic plugs that plug into the RJ45 jacks of Ethernet devices. The term plug refers to the cable or male end of the connection, while the term jack refers to the port or female end.

RJ45 female 8P8C with shell

RJ45 female 8P8C with shell

Plugs, pins and crimps

RJ45 plugs have eight pins to which the strands of the cable are electrically connected. Each plug has eight positions approximately 1 mm apart into which a single wire is inserted using a special cable crimping tool. The industry calls this connector the 8P8C, shorthand for eight-position eight-connector.

The Ethernet cable and 8P8C connector must be crimped into the RJ45 wiring pattern in order to work properly. Technically, the 8P8C can be used with other types of connections than Ethernet; for example, it can also be used with RS-232 serial cables. However, as RJ45 is the primary use of the 8P8C, industry professionals often use the two terms interchangeably.

Conventional dial-up and broadband modems use a variant of RJ45 called RJ45, which has two contacts instead of eight in an 8P2C configuration. the physical similarity between RJ45s and RJ45s makes it difficult for the untrained eye to distinguish between the two. However, they are not interchangeable.

Problems with RJ45s

There are a number of problems with RJ45 connectors. To form a tight connection between the plug and the network port, some RJ45 plugs use a small, bendable piece of plastic called a tab. This tab creates a tighter seal between the cable and the insertion port and requires downward pressure on the tab to pull it out.

These connectors break easily when bent backwards, which can happen when the connector snaps onto another cable, piece of clothing or other object nearby.

Most RJ45 connector problems occur when the wires do not meet the specified standards. Close attention must be paid to the correct wiring sequence to avoid problems.

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