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What Is An RJ 45 and What Is It Used for?

Jul. 05, 2022

An RJ45 connector is typically used for Ethernet networking. It looks very similar to a telephone jack, but is slightly larger. Ethernet cables are also commonly referred to as RJ45 cables, considering that each end of the Ethernet cable has an RJ45 connector. RJ45 is the most recognized and popular connector type in the IT industry.

RJ45 cables are primarily used to connect devices via an Ethernet connection. Computers, printers, network storage devices, and devices such as cables or DSL modems can all use RJ45 connections. It is important to be able to recognize RJ45 cables when attempting to connect devices to the network. RJ45 cables can be wired in two different ways. One is called the T-568B and the other is called the T-568A.


What Is An RJ 45 and What Is It Used for?


Why choose RJ45?

The RJ in RJ45 stands for Registered Jack because it is a standardized network interface. The number 45 refers only to the number of the interface standard. All RJ45 connectors have eight pins, which means that the RJ45 cable includes eight separate wires. If you look closely at the termination of the Ethernet cable, you can even see eight wires, each of which is a different color. Half of them are striped, and the rest are solid colors. 
Modern Ethernet cables use small plastic plugs on each terminal that plugs into the RJ45 jacks of Ethernet devices. The term "jack" refers to the port or female end, while the term "plug" is used to refer to the connected cable or male end.


RJ45 Parts

Even though the RJ45 connector is a very simple connector, it is made up of different parts, including
Crimp to connect the cable to the RJ45 connector.
Clips to connect the RJ45 to the RJ45 port and release
The copper pin that will adhere to the copper wire.


RJ45 Cabling

The RJ 45 connector consists of 8 pins to which 8 copper wires are attached.RJ45 is often used for CAT5 and CAT6 cables.There are two different standards for RJ45; as mentioned earlier, they are named T-568A and T-568B.They are the same cable, but have different lineups.

What Is An RJ 45 and What Is It Used for?


RJ45 Functions

RJ45 connectors incorporate the essential features of modular connectors: low cost, solderless assembly of connectors and wiring, rapid production of custom cables, simple insertion and removal, simple field assembly with simple tools, and the ability to customize cables in the field. Sockets (or receptacles) can also have vertical or horizontal orientation, allowing them to be used in a variety of applications.
In addition to this, the RJ45 connectors feature the aforementioned orientation labels to prevent miswiring. Their 8-pin configuration also means they can be used in more demanding and data-intensive applications.

Other available features include
Shielding - eliminates the effects of EMI/RFI
Keying - ensures proper insertion
Multiple mounting capabilities - allows panel, board, surface or through-hole approaches
Displays and indicators - indicate connection status
Integrated magnetic element - provides better shielding and current protection
Hi-Rel - provides protection for hardware and connections


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