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What is HDMI?

Mar. 11, 2020

HDMI is a new type of interface that has emerged with the rise of digital televisions, high-definition televisions, and flat-screen televisions, and is completely a product of the digital age. HDMI can transmit uncompressed high-definition video and multi-channel audio data with high quality, and the maximum data transmission speed is 5Gbps. The HDMI Cable Assembly can not only meet the current highest resolution 1080P resolution, but also support the most advanced digital audio formats such as DVD Audio, support eight-channel 96kHz or stereo 192kHz digital audio transmission, and use only one HDMI cable to connect, eliminating digital Audio wiring. At the same time, the extra space provided by the HDMI standard can be applied to audio and video formats that will be upgraded in the future. Before the announcement of the HDMI standard, digital video and audio interfaces were separate, and the video interface was DVI. Compared with DVI, the size of the HDMI interface is smaller, and it can transmit audio and video signals at the same time. The cable length of DVI cannot exceed 8 meters, otherwise the picture quality will be affected, and there is basically no cable length limitation for HDMI. As long as one HDMI cable can replace up to 13 analog transmission lines, it can effectively solve the problem of cluttered and tangled wires behind the home entertainment system.


HDMI Conn is an all-digital interface used in both consumer electronics and PC. It can transmit uncompressed audio and video signals. Since audio and video signals are transmitted using the same cable, the number of interface cables is greatly simplified, and it has been popularized in home appliances and PCs. Since the emergence of the HDMI interface, multiple versions have evolved from HDMI 1.1 to HDMI 1.4. Although the appearance of the interface has not changed, the functionality and bandwidth have improved qualitatively. The mainstream version of the HDMI interface is HDMI 1.3 (a, b, c), but with the popularity of 3D video, a large number of HDMI 1.4 devices are also available on the market, which has become a key promotion product for various companies. HDMI 1.4 brings several major innovative features, including HDMI Ethernet channels, audio return channels, HDMI 3D video playback capabilities, and 4k × 2k ultra-high-resolution support.




In terms of cables, there is no version before HDMI. For example, the cables of HDMI 1.1 and HDMI 1.3 are the same, but in HDMI 1.4, some changes have occurred to the cables. The HDMI 1.4 version includes 5 types of cables, each with different functions and performance characteristics. HDMI 1.4 is divided into five types: standard HDMI cable, standard HDMI cable with Ethernet function, HDMI cable for car, high-speed HDMI cable, and high-speed HDMI cable with Ethernet function. The standard HDMI cable supports 1080p, and the high-speed HDMI supports advanced display technologies including 4k × 2k, 3D video, and Deep Color. This cable is actually the previous HDMI 1.3 version, and their bandwidth requirements are all in the HDMI 1.3 version. Within the provided bandwidth. The high-speed HDMI with Ethernet function also has a dedicated data channel, which is the HDMI Ethernet channel that provides network functions between devices. The cable structure has changed.


The above is the information about HDMI introduced by HDMI Factory.


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