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DR 37 PIN Connector, 90 degree, D Type Stamp Contact Plug

37 Pin connector is board connector, we also named it I/O connector and VGA connector, a very big family.

Product Description

37 pin plug

D-sub connector is a VGA(Video Graphics Adapter) interface. It is named d-sub because of its unique shape of d-type shield.This is an analog signal interface, structural standard, according to the requirements of the number of interfaces connector.


Type DR 37PIN, Male parts, 90 degree, 37 pin d type connector
Materials For housing can be PBT,LCP and so on
For shell normally can be Steel.
Colour White or Black  or Blue or Customized Color
Plating For Shell, Ni and Tin Plating
For Contact,Au,Ni,and Tin Plating
Plating Thickness For Shell, 50U',100U' or Higher
For Contact, 1U',3U'5U'15U',30U' or Higher
Both are depands on custoer request
Application Display Card,Monitor and Industrial etc.
Package Normally Tray Package Or Customized Package
Delivery Time Usually 25-35 days after receiving the 30% deposit
Payment terms TT, L/C, DP or Negotiable
Note This part is only one sample for this series products, we can change the Construction and materials to make lots of similar parts. We are so able to produce other standard as per the clients' requirements. Just let us know.


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