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Type C Conn

USB Type-C, abbreviated as Type-C, is a hardware interface form of Universal Serial Bus (USB), and its specifications are published by the USB Developer Forum (USB-IF).

The USB Type-C™ receptacle, plug and cable provide a smaller, thinner and more robust alternative to existing USB 3.1 interconnect (Standard and Micro USB cables and connectors). This new solution targets use in very thin platforms, ranging from ultra-thin notebook PCs down to smartphones where existing Standard-A and Micro-AB receptacles are deemed too large, difficult to use, or inadequately robust. 

What are the benefits of the USB Connector?

1.  The USB Type-C receptacle may be used in very thin platforms as its total system height for the mounted receptacle is under 3 mm.

2.  The USB Type-C plug enhances ease of use by being plug-able in either upside-up or upside-down directions.

3. The USB Type-C cable enhances ease of use by being plug-able in either direction between host and devices.

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