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SINK PCB board Type USB Type C 3.1

USB type c 3.1 receptable connector have variety types as it's new and multifuctional, 24pin, full pin, double-rows smt contacts, normally through hole shell, sink pcb type, board connetcor, design in house and all material are made in house so the material can be made as per customer's requirements.

Product Description


What is the use of USB 3.1 type-c?

It mainly supports data, audio, video, and charging, laying the foundation for high-speed data, digital audio, HD video, fast charging, and multi-device sharing, with one cable replacing many previous cables.


Technical Parameters

Type USB Type C 3.1, Receptable 24PIN, double Rows SMT Contacts, through holes legs, SINK PCB board Type.
Contact No. 24
Materials For housing can be, LCP, PA6T, PA9T and so on
For shell can be SPCC, Copper and so on.
Both are depands on custoer request
Colour White or Black or Customized Color
Plating For Shell, Ni and Tin Plating
For Contact, Au, Ni, and Tin Plating
Plating Thickness For Shell, 50U',100U' or Higher
For Contact, 1U',3U'5U'15U',30U' or Higher
Both are depands on custoer request
Machenical Contact resistance: 40mΩ max for initial
                               10mΩ change after test. measure at 20mv, 100mA.
Dielectric withstanding voltage: AC 100V(rms)
Insulation resistance: 100MΩ min.
Contact current rating:
    3A for Vbus pin; 1.25A for Vconn and GND pin;
    0.25A for all the other pin. 1.5 Voltage: 5 Vac (rms).
Electronical Mating force: 5~20N
Unmating force: 8~20N Initial test, 6~20N After test
Application Mainboard, TV, Computer, Rejector, Game machine, smart home and Industrial etc.
Package Tray Package or Tape Reel Or Customized Package
Delivery Time Usually 25-35 days after receiving the 30% deposit
Payment terms TT, L/C, DP or Negotiable
Note This part is only one sample for this series products, we can change the shell, the legs and even housing to make lots of similar parts. We are so able to produce other standard as per the clients' requirements. Just let us know.



USB 3.1 Type-C has the following features:

1. the highest data transfer speed of 10Gbps, based on the USB 3.1 specification

2. a new interface design, the size of about 8.4mm x 2.6mm, slim interface

3. support both front and back insertion, can withstand 10,000 times repeated plugging

4. can be used to transmit DisplayPort signal, support 4K UHD video transmission

5. USB Power Delivery, can support charging

6. can provide a maximum of 100W power transmission

7. power output capacity: standard cable 3A, interface 5A

8. better electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) mitigation characteristics

9. correctly inserted will be issued after the click sound


USB Type-C in the true sense of the interface to achieve a great unity.


Is USB 3.1 the same as USB C?

The main difference between USB 3.0 and 3.1 is that 3.1 supports up to twice the peak data transfer rate of 3.0. AIKE is a professional supplier of type c and data cable, if you need please contact us. Here are some other questions and answers about our products.

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