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25 Pin Connector

A DB25 connector is a commonly used connector port in computers. DB-25 stands for D-sub with a 25-bit case size and 25-bit contact configuration, and the ports of personal computers were the first to use DB-25 connectors.

The DB25 pin connector is an analog socket of the D-Subminiatures (D-Sub) connector family with 25 pins. The prefix "D" represents the D shape of the connector housing. The DB25 connector is mainly used for serial and parallel ports, allowing asynchronous data transfer according to the RS-232 standard (RS-232C).

According to the connection method, D-Sub connectors can be divided into the following three types:

1. DB25 DSUB connector with solder contacts.

2. 25 pin connector with insulation displacement contacts.

3. 25-pin D-type connector with crimp terminals.

There are also two types of PCB mount connectors, straight or right-angle termination styles. This type of 25-pin D-Sub connector has built-in solder tails for easy mounting on a PCB.

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What is the purpose of the DB 25-pin connector?

Like the DB9 connector, the DB25 is primarily used for serial connections, allowing asynchronous transfer of data provided by standard RS-232 (RS-232C). It is also used for parallel port connections, originally for connecting printers, and is sometimes called a "printer port".

DR 25PIN,Male parts,90 degree, Lathe Contact,2 rows,with rivet & screws

DR 25 PIN Plug Male Parts

D-SUB Series, DR 25PIN 90 Degree, Male part, 2 Rows Lathe Contact, with rivet and screws. Normally this I/O connector used for Industrial Area with High quality requirements, Gold Plated,Lathe Contact/PIN.

DB 25PIN,Female parts,180 degree stamp Contact,2 rows,without screws

DB 25PIN Female D Plug 180 Degree Stamp Contact Connector

25 Pin D Plug connector is a VGA(Video Graphics Adapter) interface.

25 Pin Connector





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