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Do You Know About 3 Uses of Type-C Interface?

Jun. 25, 2020

With the changing times, many people are now using advanced smartphones. Nowadays, more and more smartphones choose Type-C interface, which solves the embarrassment that the jack is always inaccurate, and the charging speed is faster. But when the Type-C interface first appeared, it didn't attract much attention. Later I learned the importance and convenience of this interface, in addition to fast charging, it has many different uses. The following Type C Contacts Manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction.

First, to achieve fast projection and screen projection. Nowadays most of the work is related to the media, especially the high-necked people who work in the office. It must be no stranger to the projector. Then, as long as you have a Type-C interface mobile phone, you can achieve a projection screen anytime, anywhere by switching to HDMI Cable Assembly. The use method is very simple, plug the type-c end directly into the mobile phone, and then plug the HDMI port to the projector. After the connection, a pop-up box will appear, select the computer mode!

Connectors Type C

Connectors Type C

Second, an external U disk. People who travel frequently and go to school probably have a U disk, which is mainly used to store information. However, although a USB flash drive can often be carried, a computer cannot always be kept ready. At this point we can take advantage of the Type-C interface. Because today's notebooks and mobile phones are equipped with standard interfaces, so is the USB flash drive. You only need to carry a small USB flash drive. When you need information, you can use the USB flash drive to connect to the mobile phone. The most important thing is that when the phone's memory is not enough, you can also connect a USB flash drive to transfer the data in the phone, so that you can expand the phone's memory.

Third, connect other USB devices. It's also the time when you are busy working outside your home without a computer. After all, today's mobile phones are extremely smart, and general documents can be processed, and it is more convenient to use mobile phones without a computer outside. At this time, we only need to plug in a Type-C dock, and then it can connect other USB devices.

After reading the above, will you know the importance of this interface? Moreover, many mobile phones now use Connectors Type C, because the biggest benefit it brings to us is that it can be directly inserted regardless of the front or back, which is more convenient to use. Now, is there a sense of insight?

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