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Can Fast Charging Data Cables Of Different Brands Be Universal?

Can fast charging data cables of different brands be universal? The Chinese connector supplier pointed out that in theory, the data line is the same, the only difference is the problem of how much current can pass, the problem is how much voltage the charger can generate.

But the fact is that fast charging cannot be achieved when you use original high-speed data charging cables of different brands. What is the reason?

Let's take the OnePlus mobile phone as an example. Its special DASH flash charging technology has greatly increased the charging speed of the mobile phone, and the 3300mah battery can be fully charged in one hour.

After changing to Huawei and Xiaomi type-c data cables that also have fast charging capabilities, although OnePlus 5 can also be charged, DASH flash charging cannot be achieved. It takes more than two hours to fully charge the OnePlus phone.

We can see that although Huawei and Xiaomi data cables support the fast charging effect of SCP and QC3.0 respectively, because their fast charging protocol is different from OnePlus’s DASH protocol, the fast charging effect cannot be achieved after replacement.

What is the reason for this: In fact, major manufacturers have made internal changes to the type-c data cable in order to advertise the fast charging capabilities of their mobile phones, which makes the current type-c data cable fast charging function not universal.

But for consumers, the type-c fast charging data cable is still universal. If you want to customize the charging cable, please contact us.

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