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The Key Factors of USB-C Connector

Mar. 06, 2021

Here are the key factors about the USB-C connector shared by the USB-C Connector Supplier, I hope it will be helpful to everyone

The choice of USB Type-C should be based on the unique requirements of product design. Designers will choose connectors based on product characteristics, usually focusing on three key factors.

USB-C Connector

USB-C Connector

Signal integrity: Higher signal integrity equals faster data transfer rate, so USB Type-C products with the best signal integrity are the first choice. The USB Type-C port can run at 5GB/s, but some manufacturers already provide 10GB/s USB Type-C connectors.

Power supply: The power supply of USB Type-C Products can be as high as 100W and the charging current can reach 5A, while Micro USB is usually 10W and the charging current is 0.5A. Therefore, USB Type-C products charge faster.

Environmental protection: Environmental protection is what users need. The waterproof USB Type-C connector utilizes a rubber seal and a seamless shell for waterproofing. The waterproof connector should have a waterproof rating of IPX8 or higher, and should have a sufficient life cycle. Ensure the firm design of the control board, improve reliability and overall product quality.

The waterproof USB Type-C connector on the TE board can well protect products and equipment, including wearable products, smart phones, electrical appliances, medical equipment, and automotive systems. It has IPX8 protection level, enhanced EMI protection performance, 10Gb/s and 100W data and power processing capabilities, support for positive and negative insertion, and compatibility with various protocols.

USB Type-C connectors with IPX8 waterproof rating are becoming a new standard for a wide range of products, because they can provide reliability, faster charging, and higher data transmission performance in any environment. Micro USB is widely used in previous products, but USB Type-C is the future trend

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