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What HDMI Cables Are Used For and How I Got Them

Apr. 26, 2022

HDMI cables are an indispensable item you've always wanted in your home. HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia and is the standard and interface or port used to transfer high-definition digital video and audio data between devices. Over a billion devices now support HDMI, including laptops, desktop computers, computer monitors, video projectors, and digital TVs.


HDMI has evolved to do much more than simply display video output. It is used to connect HDTVs, Smart TVs, laptops, set-top boxes, projectors, Blu-Ray, and DVD players. That's what I'm considering in this article.


Connecting TVs and laptops

The most popular use case for HDMI cables is watching video content on a laptop on a TV - any TV - whether it's a smart TV or a regular TV. A TV will undoubtedly provide greater visual appeal, especially in a living room environment. If you have downloaded movies on your laptop or an online streaming service such as Netflix, then an HDMI cable is one of the best and cheapest ways to watch content on your TV.


High Speed HDMI Male TO HDMI Male Cable


A second monitor

Another popular and efficient way to use an HDMI cable is to connect your laptop or desktop computer to a second monitor. Most people are fine with just one monitor, their computer, but some other user categories, such as software developers, video editors and creatives, simply can't use one monitor. A second monitor greatly increases productivity, rather than minimizing and maximizing windows, which is a tiresome and ineffective way to work.


Decoder or Set-top Box

Another use for a good quality HDMI cable is to connect a pay TV or free-to-air decoder to your TV. In the old days, composite AV cables (also known as banana pins) were used. But those days are now gone. Most set-top boxes now come with an HDMI port for transferring HD video/audio content to your TV.


A streaming box to your TV

Streaming boxes are now replacing the old SBT boxes. As the speed of the Internet has increased, online video content has also grown. As a result, most people are starting to subscribe to online streaming services such as Netflix, Plex, Apple TV+, Prime Video, etc. for entertainment. They all connect to your existing TV using the HDMI port.


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Connecting a bar to your TV

Yes, there are many reasons why TV strips are becoming popular. Smart TVs are becoming slimmer and slimmer, and HD displays can affect sound quality. As a result, bars are gaining popularity as a viable means of getting better sound quality from slim TVs.

The bars are connected to your TV through its HDMI connector using an HDMI cable.


Where to buy HDMI cables

There are many HDMI cables around today. You can visit the AIKE website to find HDMI cables and other USB cables and send us a message to get a quote!

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