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What Are The Types of HDMI Cables

Digital standards and technologies are improving at an exciting pace. HDMI is the gold standard today, but so many people don't recognize them. so let HDMI cable manufacturers show you how they are classified.


What is HDMI

HDMI stands for "High Definition Multimedia Interface". As the name implies, HDMI works by delivering high-quality audio and video signals. The most common connector is HDMI connector 19pin dip type. Unlike the previous DVI interface, HDMI can send uncompressed video signals as well as compressed or uncompressed audio signals using a single cable. This versatility allows users to simplify their setup by using only one cable to transmit audio and video without sacrificing signal quality. Some HDMI cables also offer Ethernet channels, allowing for high-speed bi-directional data transfer.

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HDMI Cable Types

Let's go beyond connectors, but just an inch or two. there are multiple types of HDMI cables, divided into Category 1 (for standard speed cables) and Category 2 (for high speed cables).

HDMI Category 1

1. Standard: This is the baseline HDMI cable, certified to transmit resolutions up to 720p or 1080i, and HD surround sound, certified up to 742.5 Mbps/channel.

2. Standard Ethernet: As with the standard cable, this cable adds an Ethernet channel to allow devices to be networked and share an Internet connection.

3. Standard Automotive: They meet the same signal requirements as the base cable and are designed for automotive applications.

HDMI Category 2

1. High Speed: High speed cables are ideal for higher resolutions and emerging technologies such as 4k and 3D video. High-speed cables are certified up to 1.65 Gbps and 3.4 Gbps. 2.

2. High Speed Ethernet: These functions are similar to regular high-speed cables, but also allow networking of devices and sharing of Internet connections.

 HDMI male to male cable

Comparison with other technologies

Analog Digital

Because HDMI is a digital technology, it does not encounter some of the problems that plague analog solutions. For example, the build quality of analog audio cables can greatly affect performance, but this is not the case for HDMI. All HDMIs must meet the same standards, and they do not suffer from signal degradation as analog connections do.

Analog Audio

Analog home audio standards - RCA cables - provide high quality sound (assuming they are well made and in good condition) but are limited to stereo - they do not transport the ubiquitous surround-sound signal audiovisual environment of modern HD. Analog connections, on the other hand, are still the king of live sound reinforcement, so HDMI is not usually found in live sound reinforcement applications.


Perhaps the connection most similar in function to HDMI, DisplayPort is another digital multimedia interface. Users typically choose DisplayPort for computers rather than home media devices. it lacks the CEC control of HDMI, but the ability to send multiple A/V signals to separate devices makes DisplayPort ideal for computing tasks that require multiple display settings.

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