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What Is A D-Sub Connector? All You Wanna Know

May. 13, 2022

The D-sub connector is an electrical connector used primarily for computing. It is most commonly used for video connections, such as between a monitor and a computer. d-sub connectors use a series of pins to insert into a socket, and the plugs are usually screwed into place to prevent loosening.


What Is A D-Sub Connector? All You Wanna Know

D-sub is an abbreviation for D-subminiature. This form is no longer used because these connectors are no longer considered miniature in computing terms; in fact, they are one of the largest plugs used in computing. d does not stand for digital. Instead, it comes from ITT Cannon, the creator of the connector, who used D to indicate that the pins were mounted in a D-shaped housing. This D is followed by another letter indicating the size of the plug and socket, in terms of the pin capacity that can be accommodated, and then a number indicating the number of pins used.
D-sub connectors have had, and still have, a wide range of uses. These include printer cables, computer game joysticks, and external floppy disk drives. They are also used in some multichannel recording systems.
The most common use of D-sub connectors is as video connectors. This is in a plug and socket called a DE15, which means it is D-shaped, size E in ITT Cannon's system, and has 15 pins. They are arranged in three rows of five each. Please visit AIKE website to see more our cables.

What Is A D-Sub Connector? All You Wanna Know

The DE15 is known for its VGA connector. It is used for analog video connections between computers and monitors, but is also used on some televisions as a way to display computer images. A mini version of this socket is available for some laptops.

The D-sub connector is becoming less popular in general-purpose computing. This is partly because it is relatively bulky and therefore not suitable for portable devices. It also requires some system to lock into place, usually via adjustable screws. This makes it more expensive than other plug types.

The specific use of the D-sub connector for monitors is also falling out of favor. It is being replaced by DVI and HDMI systems. HDMI has the advantage that it is a simple flat plug with no pins. DVI is more physically similar to D-sub, but is smaller and has 24 pins. both DVI and HDMI transmit digital signals, which is not possible with D-sub connectors. HDMI is also capable of transmitting audio signals and video signals.

What Is A D-Sub Connector? All You Wanna Know


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