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What is an HDMI Connector Used For?

Today’s HDMI Connectors provide a wealth of options for transferring very high quality, high bandwidth audio-video signals between a wide range of modern entertainment and communications equipment. And, thanks to their engineered backwards compatibility with earlier audio-video transfer formats, they can also provide a useful link-up between devices that lack identical HDMI ports if the right adaptor is chosen.

In almost all standard use scenarios, HDMI cables and connectors of all types will be used to transfer simultaneous audio and video signals from a source to a receiver or display. After all, that’s what they were originally developed to do, without users having to link up multiple different sets of cables to get both types of signal carried at once.

HDMI Connectors

HDMI Connectors

However, in some cases, HDMI can also be used purely for either audio or video signals due to its broad backwards compatibility with older connection standards. This is particularly useful because, with the addition of the right adaptor, it allows HDMI Cables and connectors to link hardware devices with a number of different port types.

Audio and video use

HDMI was originally developed to update and replace the existing DVI connector standard still found on many computer monitors and other items of video display hardware. DVI is a video-only output, and although HDMI can carry both audio and video signals at the same time, it’s also electrically compatible with the DVI interface.

By purchasing an HDMI connector, users can run HDMI cables out from DVI sockets on older hardware and display the resulting image perfectly on more modern screens or receivers that lack their own DVI port. Similarly, HDMI audio connectors can also be used to convey just the sound signals from devices with older-style component audio ports if the right adaptor is used.

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